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by People Being Human

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released March 12, 2013



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People Being Human Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Parade
Endings always pitiful for both sides,

When you try to hang on too long,

Try to take the free ride home,

Try and breathe through freeze-dried lungs.

Leaving’s never easy on the insides.

Liftoff prayers slung, everybody’s got one,

To keep ‘em hanging on strong,

with tongues like kettle drums.

It’s not long now my parade’s gonna come for me! you’ll see!

Believing don’t come freely, they got you tongue-tied,

Listening to the same old songs,

But they got the words all wrong

Bragging bout their kingdom come.

And you can hear the feet a-beating out a drum time,

Sound like Fear come to catch you with your pants down,

and get you crawling around town,

Your sledgehammer heartbeat pound.

Not long! Not long!

Will breezing bring the meteors over blue skies?

Trees to breathe a fiery rain?

Purger of a truth profane,

Murder of the sick and sane?

Or will we run off all the animals before the sun dies?

Black cloud come down and folks’ll pull their hair out.

And watch the sky fall down,

Living with the curtains drawn.

Not long!
Track Name: The Evolution of Flight 23
I could be anywhere for all I know.

Chaos rides shotgun.

I wish you could read my mind and tell me what you find,

could if I got one.

We’re leaving what boredom brings to see what freedom means,

smoke in the sideview.

The things that we leave behind, and orange and yellow lie

painting the dashboard is hues and colors we can’t get used to,

faces rendered in fumes.

Remembrance comes to me, sickening fictions

Replaying scenes for me, Can’t stand to see them.

Memories are like a dream. Just out of reach.

“You end up where you go,” I know I know.

Smoking road horizon.

The cityscape stabs the sky, poking a hole in her eye

leaves pollution’s bruise the broken color of highway,

Trouble thumbing a ride.

I can’t help but believe it’s no good believing.

Forgetfulness is a breeze, washing me clean.

Memories come to me, I can’t stand to see them.

Seems like they’re chasing chasing me and I can’t slip them.

Madness is next to me, in the driver’s seat, guiding me.
Track Name: Across Indiana
You dirty old daydreamer.

With your asthma laugh, talking with your hands, telling dirty jokes.

You shavefaced graybeard.

Yr older than stone, we gotta get you home among your own folks.

Why can’t you be more serious?

Talking grandfalloons, and

coughing nincompoops through yr chain smoke.

Roll the windows down, let the inside out.

It’s fight or flight, you can laugh or choose to cry.

But they’re both the same thing down inside.

You maybe coulda ended it

twenty years ago you coulda cut yr throat, mighta overdosed.

Coulda pulled a Willy Loman.

No one likes to see a pervert at ease in his seventies.

I heard about your housekeeper,

Down on her knees

you wanna keep it clean, don’t wanna hear about it.

Roll the windows up, I can’t stand breathing in

The crushing plight of modern life.

Where you can’t stand up for yourself while you hide.

Keep the windows down, don’t make me ask again.

It’s cut and dry, you gotta crawl before you fly.

But you can’t stand up for yourself why should I?
Track Name: The Great Space Tattoo
You drew a picture of me, man, I can’t believe just what I see.

My eyes ain’t two turned-off TV screens, like you make em seem.

I’m so much smarter than you drew me,

seems like you never knew me.

Much more taller than you draw me,

I’d a guessed that you never saw me at all.

Then you put that picture of me on a tattoo along your wrist,

and run it up your sleeve.

It’s flat and it lacks 3D relief.

A black and spastic proof of me.

That I knew should never be seen. Centuries in a day,

And a space is just a place in between.

All the places that my blurred face has been in…

And those dazed eyes you drew me in…

And so I’ll bury my head like a tomb down a pyramid.

You’ll never see my kind again. But

I’m so much smarter than you drew me,

seems like you never knew me.

Much more taller than you draw me,

I’d a guessed that you never saw me at all.
Track Name: Eternity Road
“Well hey mister, could you just hear me out?

Everybody’s walked the road ya been down.

When each step seems a thousand fears,

We got a feeling you’re gonna like it here.

So climb over you got company now.”

Cause here’s someone got a gift to go down.

Full bloom lips, you forget your house.

She got nothing much between the ears,

But more fun than you’ve had in years.

So leave Rip behind and come for a tear.”

Well mister, much obliged, well said.

And yeah the heat has probably got to my head.

But no heaven could be justified not letting any dogs inside,

So me and Rip are gonna see what we can.

Besides, I’d hate to spoil the surprises you’ve earned.

Us old curs keep the tricks we been learned.

So keep your girls shaped like waxing moons,

And rolling dice snake-eyed balloons,

We’re bound to see where eternity turns.
Track Name: Elephants
How’m I to dream, if I can’t ever sleep?

Cause the room throws the night like a light over me.

I toss and breathe deeply, I have counted my sheep.

You got these silent elephants lying next to me.

And what’s there to cheers, if I can’t get a drink?

I been dry-eyed for days, cause I don’t dare to blink.

Though I pray for a tear toi come water my cheek,

All these white elephants hogging all the sheets.

A quiet so deep I can’t even speak.

The depths are so cold that divide what we think.

I wonder a whisper that may shatter the ring,

And send those wild elephants thundering after me.
Track Name: Feelin' Funny
I got an itch, I’m gonna buy a gun.

Gotta funny feeling that today it all goes down.

The sun is out, the bell has rung.

The parking lot, the show goes on.

The whole school knows me by my name.

Never have have to go to class it’s still the same.

My girlfriend’s driving me insane.

Police and teachers always driving me away.

And I got a funny feeling, mama hated school like I do.

I got a funny feeling I’m always gonna work at the drive-thru.

Outside my house they cause a scene.

Inside is worse beneath the buzz of the TV.

About the cost of milk or weed,

or bills to pay the goddamn cable company.

I got a burdened feeling, I’m always gonna work on the weekend.

I got a burning feeling, Gonna take it out on my girlfriend.

I got a friend, she’s got a car.

But the cost of gasoline don’t let us get too far.

Scrounge enough change for a cigar,

And we won’t complain about the smell of where we are.

I got a sinking feeling, no one’s gonna drive like I can.

I got a stinking feeling, have to take it out on my girlfriend.

Never get scared from speeding.

Not checking for surprise in the sideview.

Always gonna beat on my girlfriend.

Always gonna talk how my dad do.